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11 Year Old Escapes Shark, Goes on to Win Surf Competition

Many of us would probably run out of the ocean screaming if we saw a shark!

But not 11 year old Tanner Brasol.. especially when he’s trying to win the Gnarly Charley Surf Contest in Satellite Beach, Florida. Competition watchers spotted a few sharks in the water and started yelling for him to come in. He was about 100 ft off shore and easily could’ve panicked but instead kept his cool, tucked his feet on the board and began paddling his way back to safety, keeping his eye on the shark that got a little too close for comfort. Brasol said “I was very scared. I was just like this is not good. That shark is not happy that I was in his bait. He thought I was competition for that bait.” 

No one would’ve blamed Tanner for not wanting to get back in the water after that, but after 45 minutes of no shark sightings, he decided to finish the competition and ended up winning his divison! Congratulation to him and hats off to this bravery!!

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