Monday – Friday

2-7 pm

What do you want to be when you grow up?: Keep Playing everything!! Or PGA Seniors Tour, but I’ll need to shave 20-30 strokes off my game. It could happen?

What’s your favorite thing about your hometown?: What’s NOT to like about “The Chosen Spot”, Canandaigua?? The Lake, Roseland (when I was growing up) Cheshire Fireman’s Carnival, it was just the right size medium/small town!

If you could only eat the same meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?: Super T’s Sunday Sauce!

What is your dream car?: A Hummer that gets 50 MPG, or a Fisker Karma that doesn’t catch on fire!

What are your pet peeves?: People who don’t READ your Facebook posts, and ask a question YOU JUST ANSWERED IN THE POST! Oh, and Non-drivers, use a signal now & then aye?

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?: Rappelling down our building (First Federal Plaza) 309 feet was pretty crazy? It’s a three (& counting) in a lifetime thing to do!!

What’s the best thing about WNY?: The Weather! Hear me out, we don’t have tornadoes flatten our houses, or earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, wild fires!! We live near the largest supply of fresh water on earth, the Great Lakes. If the apocalypse comes (I don’t believe any of that crap) you’ll want to be next to some fresh water!


Dino’s Favorites:

Holiday: ALL OF THEM!

Cartoon: Simpsons, still makes me laugh. I taped over the birth of my 2nd son, Dean Jr. w/ a Simpson’s episode on our VCR. I still get reminded of that one! Family Guy & Archer are a close 2nd!!

Restaurant: Depends what I’m in the mood for, BUT, I always keep it LOCAL! I’m not a chain restaurant guy.

TV Show: Modern Family, 30 Rock, Big Bang, I can’t choose?

Movie: Pope of Greenwich Village





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