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Once my family ceased our nomadic ways, we settled in Fairport. I was impressed with the Lift Bridge so I knew we were in the right place. I have no real home town, because I was born in Massapequa, NY – raised in Ft. Lauderdale – now I live here.

I make movies in my spare time and try not to injure people while doing so. I also have a strong desire to live in the country and raise my own hedgehogs. But seriously, I like hedgehogs.

My passions include: my family, radio, movies, laughing and chicken wings. Almost all of the aforementioned go well with a spicy buffalo sauce.

I love this town and invite you to reach out and introduce yourself. Fickle has the most loyal listeners in hashtag ROC and I want to make YOU happy! Send me an email if you ever need a pep-talk. Seriously, I’m happy to help you if you need some kind of positive words.




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