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IHOP Employee Shares Adam Sandler Encounter on TikTok


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Have you ever had a celebrity counter?!

This Tiktok user might be regretting hers after she realized a little too late that she had just inadvertently turned Adam Sandler away from her place of work. Dayanna Rodas was hosting at IHOP when Adam Sandler and his daughter walked in and asked for a table. She informed him that it was a thirty minute wait and he decided it wasn’t worth it, so he left. Sounds like a pretty normal interaction if you’ve ever been to a restaurant. But when Rodas found out, it was Adam Sandler she turned away, she couldn’t believe she didn’t recognize him.

People on TikTok gave Sandler props though, saying he could’ve used his fame to rush the line but he was respectful and acted like anyone else would’ve…as he should’ve!

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