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Rochester Fringe – Princess Wendy’s Late Nite Tease Room

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Princess Wendy’s Late Nite Tease Room

Wendy Show
Thursday 9/24 thru Saturday 9/26 9:30 PM in the Spiegeltent


  My wife pretty much dragged me to this show. Granted, I was invited by the fine folks from the Fringe, but I get up at stupid-o’clock and go to bed at ridiculous-thirty, so I was going to bail. Friends, that would have been a huge mistake! Princess Wendy’s Late Nite Tease Room was just what I needed on a gorgeous Wednesday night in September.

Wendy - Matt
This guy whips it good! Photo by John Schlia

First of all, THE SPIEGELTENT! I imagine this structure gracing the boardwalk of Atlantic City, with Nucky Thompson and his crew hanging out in the back row making sure nobody lays hands on the sexy Burlesque performer. I want to say her name is Darlene, but I honestly can only remember how she rubbed the top of my head…oh and the pasties! She embodied what I consider sexy, especially with her clumsy humor, which she executed with eternal grace. For me, the best part of this show was not knowing ANYTHING about it before we arrived. When you meet Mr. Whip, you’ll know you’re in the right place.  It is really like a little adult circus – in the intimate setting of the Spiegeltent, you are a participant. This show embodies what I believe the Fringe to be, complete with a bar and VIP tables if you want to experience it with a group of friends. Expect tongue in cheek entertainment that will have you smiling, laughing and blushing. I congratulate the Rochester Fringe Festival for continuing to wow me. To me the end of summer used to be a bummer, not anymore. Thanks Fringe! For tickets and information:








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