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This Father Daughter Duo had a Photoshoot.. with Cicadas

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past couple months, I’m sure you’ve heard about the swarms of Cicada’s that will be around this year. Experts say we can expect about a trillion cicada’s throughout the mid-Atlantic and Midwest.

Well Dad and Daughter Duo, Scott and Ellie Kanowitz, have decided to have some fun with the screaming creatures. Using small props and toys they have created quite the hilarious photoshoots with the bugs.

This is some of their finest work:

Who doesn’t enjoy a picnic on a nice summer day?

Do a kickflip!!!

Why is this cicada having a more fabulous summer than we are?


These really are super entertaining! Ellie said it was fun to pick them up and try to get them to stay still. She’s braver than us!


All photos are courtesy of Scott and Ellie Kanowitz.

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