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Tiktoker Claims She Found ‘Humanoid’ Footprints while Hiking

There’s a new trend on Tiktok where people are sharing stories about mysterious, unexplainable things they’ve seen in national parks all around the world. It all started when a girl made a Tiktok asking “Can we talk about how many people vanish into thin air in our national parks?!” A ton of people have stitched that video with their stories and they are freaky!

Tiktoker @Chroniclesofolivia has shared her experience of what she saw while she was at Lena Lake in Olympic National Park. She came up on some strange human-like footprints and goes into a deep dive on why she believes these did not come from humans and she makes some solid points, with the most solid point being the clear midtarsal break you can see in these footprints.



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Olivia said her story was investigated by the Bigfoot Field Research Organization and also goes on to say that “there are things that the government knows about that I know about, that the public does not know.”  Watch part one above and if you’re interested you can watch parts 2 through 6 on her Tiktok.. it gets very interesting.

Could there be Bigfoots walking about in Seattle?! 

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