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Woman Glues Eye Shut After Mistaking Nail Glue for Eye Drops



Yacedrah Williams had a terrible mishap when she mistook nail glue as her contact drops. She fell asleep in her contacts and when she woke up at 1 am, she groggily went to take them out. Reaching in her purse, she thought she had grabbed her eye drops and proceeded to drop the glue in her eye. She immediately noticed and tried wiping her eye but that sealed her eye shut.

She began flushing her eye out with water, which was a smart move according to Opthamologist, Dr. George Williams. Anytime you have something in your eye, it’s smart to flush it out.

She went to the hospital and they ended up being able to get the glue out of her eye but warned her about how badly this could’ve ended. The doctors told her her contact actually saved her vision from the glue and that she would probably lose her eyelashes but that the other damages would be minimal if any at all. 

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