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A LearJet Has Been Turned into a Limousine

Now THIS is traveling in style!

A LearJet has been turned into a limousine and it’s street-legal.. AND… it just so happens to be on sale! Imagine yourself arriving to a party in this vehicle.. you’d be sure to turn a few heads at least. The “Learmousine”, which is 42 ft long and 8 ft wide, will be auctioned off from May 14 to May 22 at Mecum Auctions.

If you were wondering, the jet engines are not functional.. at least not in the sense of what you’d think. They’ve been turned into GIANT speakers that play engine sound effects! (We’re wondering if it could blast some music too?)

We’re also fairly certain this is going to go for A LOT of money… 

Check out some more pics of this beast and watch the video below for more info!


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