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A Man Stayed Awake for 264 Straight Hours and Had Some Serious Side Effects

Sleep is essential… we all know this. But, sometimes people think it’s fun to test the limits of the human body. 

Randy Gardner and Bruce McAllister decided to do a test of their own for a school project back in 1963 and ended up breaking a world record! As explained in the video above, Gardner avoided sleeping for 264 hours (that’s 11 days) and things got.. weird. At first, he was stumbling over his words a bit and having trouble focusing his eyes. He eventually started hallucinating and even had extreme mood swings. 

However, the craziest part of it all is that when he finally was able to sleep, he did so for 14 hours and woke up feeling perfectly fine. No outstanding side effects or anything. The human body and mind can do some impressive stuff. 

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