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NYC Park Gets Rid of Invasive Plants with Goats

Before herbicides and pesticides, people used goats as basically living weed whackers. 

Manhattan’s Riverside Park unleashed two dozen goats in the area to do just that. The didn’t want to use chemicals as a lot of people walk their pets in the park and they didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars in labor when these goats will do it and see it as a nice snack!

Plus, these shrub grubbers are typically more effective as they neutralize a lot of the seeds of the unwanted plants so they don’t grow back next year. 

Jordon, Martins-Cihanek, owner of Green Goats Farm, said “It’s healthy for the goats and it’s good for the environment. That’s farm to table.”

We’d have to agree with that. They look pretty dang happy taking care of business!

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