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Oreo is Coming Out with Two New Dessert Inspired Flavors

Oreo is known for having an array of different flavors so it’s no surprise they’re at it again with more ideas! 

They took to Twitter to share the news about what they’ve been working out and these sound like they will NOT disappoint! The first to be announced was Salted Caramel Brownie Oreos which will hit the shelves this month. The flavor alone sounds awesome but when we read they will be double stuffed with a layer of brownie creme AND a layer of caramel creme, and of course sprinkled with salt on top of the cookie… we may have started drooling. 

The second cookie they unveiled is so Fall inspired that you’ll want to bring them to your next bonfire.

In August, they’re dropping the Apple Cider Donut Oreo complete with the donut- flavored creme perfectly smashed between two golden wafers. Seriously, does it get any more awesome than that?! We don’t think so!

Keep being creative geniuses, Oreo!

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