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Sounds Most Likely to Trigger Happy Memories

In a recent poll from Specsavers, over 2,000 adults, 50 and over, shared what sounds triggered happy memories for them. With so many people surveyed, a lot of different answers came about!

Here’s a list of the top 40 sounds people said “took them to their happy place”:

1. A specific song or piece of music
2. Waves crashing on the shore
3. Birdsong
4. A crackling fireplace
5. Walking on fresh snow
6. A waterfall
7. Cat purring
8. Trees blowing in the wind
9. Rain on the window pane
10. Rustling leaves
11. Church bells
12. Bees buzzing
13. A thunderstorm
14. Rain patter on leaves
15. Children playing outside
16. Lawns being mown
17. A fountain
18. The radio playing
19. Sheep baaing
20. Seagulls squawking
21. A train going over tracks
22. Cows mooing
23. A cork popping
24. Dinner being served up
25. Pouring a drink
26. Mail being delivered
27. Food cooking on the hob
28. Cicadas humming
29. Sports stadium/arena
30. The kettle boiling
31. An airplane flying overhead
32. A crowd cheering
33. Horses galloping
34. A beer bottle/tin being opened
35. Dog barking
36. Fish jumping out of water
37. Street entertainers
38. A toaster popping
39. A coffee grinder
40. A garden sprinkler

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