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These Tips Are Supposed to Keep your McDonald’s French Fries Fresh The Whole Way Home

Chances are, you don’t like soggy French Fries.

And nothing is worse than smelling that delicious McDonald’s smell during the drive home, only to be disappointed by how mediocre the food tastes when you finally get to eat it! A former McDonald’s employee has given us some advice to keep those fries fresh so you never have to eat soggy fries again.

Bruno Bouchet, former McD’s employee turned radio producer, says “the first error everyone makes is closing the top of the bag that contains the chips, because you’d think if you make it nice and airtight, the heat will keep the chips warm. Wrong. What it actually does is, it steams the potatoes, so you’re left with sloppy fries. Secondly, you know how the fries are places upwards in the bag? Put the chips horizontally because that would slow the rate of the heat escaping. It would go out one side rather than straight from the top. Stack the bags so they’re horizontally at the bottom – and you put the burgers on top of the chips to keep them warm. Let me recap, [fries] at the bottom, tip them horizontally, burgers on top, let the bag breathe – you’ll never have soggy chips ever again in your life, I guarantee it.”

How have we never thought of this!! We have always rolled the bag shut for optimal heat but little did we know, we were setting ourselves up for failure. And now we’re craving McDonald’s French Fries…. can’t wait to try this hack!


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