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WATCH: Woman Fakes Boyfriend’s Funeral To Convince His Mistress He’s Dead


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Yeah this is one way to get the other woman to back off…

This is so messy. Thea Loveridge had just given birth to her boyfriends child when she found out he had cheated on her with his ex girlfriend throughout the entire pregnancy. Then, said boyfriend, ended up going to jail shortly after the baby was born. He didn’t have time to grab his cellphone so Loveridge took this as an opportunity. She texted the ex telling her the guy died and even somehow got his sister in on the bit. They staged a funeral and the ex even wrote a eulogy on Facebook about it. Actually, it’s been three years and the ex still writes tributes about the love of her life (aka the dude in jail).

Watch the TikTok to really feel the pettyness first hand. 

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