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You May Be Living in the ‘Hottest Zip Code in America’

It’s no secret that buying a house in this market is not the easiest thing in the world.  The one town that a lot of people are looking to buy a home in is Brighton.  If you are currently looking into buying a house or recently bought one, you may have noticed that Brighton hardly has homes for sale.  If there are homes for sale, they are sold within a few days and way over asking price. recently posted ‘The Hottest Zip Codes’ and Brighton is ranked number 1 in America!

Here are the top 10 zip codes in America according to

  1. 14618 Brighton, NY
  2. 03062 Nashua, NH
  3. 43085 Worthington, OH
  4. 03038 Derry, NH
  5. 04062 Windham, ME
  6. 18017 Bethlehem, PA
  7. 37604 Johnson City, TN
  8. 03106 Hooksett, NH
  9. 02760 North Attleboro, MA
  10. 04210 Auburn, ME


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